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What is a Soccerfest?

Soccerfests are a fun and fast paced tournament events where players are randomly placed on teams to compete for gold, silver, and bronze medals in a series of 4v4 games. Teams will be given the name of one of the FIFA Countries; USA, Mexico, Brazil, England, Germany, etc. 

Each player will receive a T-Shirt with the color used by their Team’s Country and with the name of their Team’s Country and their assigned number on the back.

Teammates “get to know each other practice” and then play a minimum of three 20-minute 4 v 4 matches (no goalies) followed by Bronze Medal and Gold Medal Matches.

The NUU Soccerfest is the primary pathway for young players to be evaluated and invited to join North Union United’s competitive Teams.

* Winter Soccerfests are held indoor at Sportszone in Northumberland.


Players Born in 2013-2014 Players Born in 2015 or 2016

Saturday May 13th


12:00 pm  - GIRLS
4:00 pm - BOYS

Saturday May 20th


12:00 pm  - GIRLS

4:00 pm - BOYS

 Where: Lewisburg Area School District Fields - 325 Hospital Dr. Lewisburg, PA
(located on path between Kelly Elementary School and Lewisburg Area High School)


REGISTRATION LINK - https://nuunited.sportngin.com/register/form/480589609


For more information about the event please contact Nicole Lust  - nuuregistrar@gmail.com or at thelusts@gmail.com  & 570-713-7931.